Programming & master planning

The beginning phase of the project involves gathering all user information concerning their needs. We typically meet with all user groups in a charrette collaborative setting to determine their current and future needs. Often we facilitate a programming charrette using our "facts, goals, and concepts" process to document the anticipated program of spaces and design components. 


tenant improvements, interior Design,
renovation & remodel

MRT specializes in tenant improvement, and has completed many projects for multiple clients over the years. Often we are asked to re-brand or re-invent an identity for a space or building.  We strive to customize existing or shell spaces to the needs of the client, by integrating thoughtful materials with state of the art furniture and integrated technology that is flexible for maximum utilization. Each tenant improvement and interior remodel is specifically designed and tailored to meet that client's needs.


project management & construction administration

MRT has provided construction administration services on project we have designed as well as projects designed by others. We have provided full-time on-site project management and construction administration services as well as traditional full service construction administration with periodic on-site observation and limited construction phase services. We have worked with owners and contractors under all procurement methods, including CMAR, Design-Build, Design-Bid-Build, and JOC.


new construction

MRT has extensive experience in new construction, focusing on energy conservation and sustainability. We also endevor to balance our client's initial construction costs with the long term operating costs. No matter how simple or complex a project is, we always analyze and offer options, prepare clear summaries comparing the advantages, energy consumption projections, sustainability issues, probable construction costs and project life-cycle costs, enabling the owner to make informed decisions.


sustainable design & leed energy studies

Two of MRT's team members, Akram Rosheidat and Jim Koehler, are LEED Accredited Professionals. Akram is an expert in performing computer simulation studies required to obtain LEED credits in the critical category of Energy & Atmosphere. Jim has vast experience in design and construction of all levels of sustainable facilities. MRT provides computer simulation services and LEED consulting to architects and building owners who want to obtain LEED certification but do not have the in-house expertise.


outdoor design, shade structures & exterior remodel

Having completed his PhD in Design, Akram Rosheidat specializes in outdoor comfort design, streetscape, and public spaces. Our goal is to create outdoor pedestrian oriented spaces with integrated design that include everything from architectural and landscape shading to the appropriate material selection for ground and wall surfaces.


ada consulting

MRT staff is expert in ADA guidelines and has been working with them since their inception in 1991. We are adept in accessing facilities for ADA deficiencies and recommending cost effective solutions. 


existing facilities assessment & feasibility studies

MRT specializes in building maintenance, renovation, and rehabilitation projects. We typically address the rehabilitation of buildings’ critical systems: electrical infrastructure/equipment, air handler units, cooling towers, chilled and hot water piping, repair and replacements to the water and waste piping, ceiling and lighting replacement and general interior improvements, including interior and exterior ADA upgrades. Even with seemingly simple nuts and bolts type projects, we analyze options and prepare clear summaries comparing the advantages, energy consumption projections, sustainability, probable construction costs and projected life-cycle costs. MRT's staff has completed many building condition assessments that have resulted in measurable savings for our clients. When we work with our clients, we maintain an updated database of their facilities, both in terms of addressing current issues as well as long-term maintenance. 


architectural rendering services & 3d visualization

Architectural renderings are a valuable tool for presenting projects to clients, investors, and for marketing purposes. MRT is able to provide in-house 3D modeling/visualization and architectural rendering services. 



Akram Rosheidat successfully completed the Self-Certification Training in 2016, issued by the City of Phoenix. For our clients, this means faster permits (issued in as little as 5 days), lower permit fees, which leads to an earlier construction start date. The Self-Certification program also applies to projects in: City of Mesa, City of Tempe, City of Surprise, City of Peoria, and others!