Origami Owl Headquarters

This young jewelry company grew from an idea started by a 14 year old girl to a 600 employee company in two years. The client wanted a sleek, modern headquarters, while keeping the playful, fun environment that attracts many of their employees and customers. The founder wanted the office to be about experience. As you enter the space, you are greeted by large scale graphics, their latest custom jewelry on display, and the powerful smell of home baked cookies fresh from the bakery. The office space uses white and grey throughout with pops of color and pattern to emphasize their brand.  As you move farther into the space you instantly feel the exciting, playful, designer vibe from the aqua slide to your right, the custom yellow scooter to the left and the laid back lounge furniture with pillows expressing their love for the community.  The break areas have a modern home feel and are scattered throughout to emphasize the need to gather.  The huddle rooms have varied types of furniture for living room type meetings to rooms for presentation or video conferencing needs.