copperpoint Mutual Insurance Interiors

CopperPoint Mutual (formerly SCF Arizona) came to MRT to change their image and show their employees they were part of a truly innovative and amazing company.  The original space was chalk full of 72” high paneled workstations and offices around the perimeter.  Old finishes, parabolic light fixtures and an outdated layout had created a space with little attraction and retention.  We met with the employees to hear their requirements, concerns and ideas. We prepared test fits with a newer school of thought – knock down the walls, lower the panels, bring natural light into the space and allow collaboration to occur.  We were able to accommodate more workstations and still make the space feel larger.  Their energy bills went down because less light fixtures were needed while their turnover rates plummeted because their people actually enjoyed being at work. The newly remodeled spaces helped change the office culture. They spoke softer, held discussions in impromptu huddle areas and used conference rooms for private meetings.  Upper management gave us the go ahead to work on the next department, and the next, and the next!  We have successfully remodeled over 250,000 sf of their 14 story building from HR to their photography studio to their law offices.  CopperPoint has been a wonderful client constantly asking us to push the envelope and strive for more.